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Inland Empire Health Plan's Mission Statement:

To be a leader in Managed Care by providing access to quality preventative and total health care services to our members in a cost effective manner, and to support the Safety Net/Indigent Care Providers in partnership with Traditional Medi-Cal Providers.

What is Medi-Cal Managed Care?

In March of 1993, the California State Department of Health Services issued a State Strategic Plan for Medi-Cal Managed Care. The Plan is designed to transfer the delivery of care of the majority of Medi- Cal population from predominately a fee-for-service payment system to capitated managed care. The State believes that, through capitation and shifting the risk to local managed care plans and providers, they may be able to control the burgeoning State costs for the Medi-Cal program. Riverside and San Bernardino Counties have been designated as two of the thirteen counties in the State to initiate the Medi-Cal managed care program.

The State Strategic Plan allows each of the thirteen counties in the program the opportunity to develop a managed care program to support the Safety Net/Indigent Care Providers in partnership with traditional Medi-Cal Providers in their local counties. This public/private partnership is designated the "Local Initiative" by the State. Each county will also have one designated "Mainstream Commercial Provider" that is a pre-paid health plan. The Local Initiative and the Commercial Provider are the two Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans to be offered in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. This managed care program is known as a "Two-Plan Model Managed Care Program". These plans will provide the Medi-Cal population freedom of choice in selecting their medical services. It also allows for competition between the two systems in terms of service and cost.

IEHP received its Department of Corporations Knox-Keene License on July 22, 1996. Also, IEHP completed the filing process with the Department of Health Services (DHS) on April 29, 1996 and commenced operations on September 1, 1996.

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